The Shake Room

With a capacity of 110 people standing room, 50 people seated, and top of the line equipment, the Shake Room accommodates a wide range of artists, receptions, and private events.        



110 standing 

50 Seated

Equipment List

SiImpact 40-ch Si Impact Digital Console

Two EKX12P 12" 1500W EKX Powered Speakers

Two EKX18SP 18" 1300W EKX Subwoofers

Four ZLX12p 12" 1000W ZLX Powered Speakers

DriveRackPA2 EQ & Speaker Control System

RTAM Analyzer Mic for DriveRack

Two FBQ2496 Feedback Supressor Pro

Four V7mic V7 Handheld Dynamic Mic

Three SM57 Dynamic Inst. Microphone

Beta52 Beta52 Dyn Kick Drum Mic

E604Pack e604 Microphone 3-Pack

Three MicStdDeskBF Kick Drum/Amp Stand w/Boom

Two GFWMIC2621 Bass Drum and Amp Mic Stands

Six MicStdBoomF Tripod Mic Stand w/Boom

Four SlimPAR64 RGB Slim Par Lights

SM0800FBM50 50' 8ch XLR Drop Snake

SM1604FBX50 50' 16x4 SMA Series Snake


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